For Fabric Color Choices please watch the 2 videos above.  The first is all the Solid Fabric's we offer.  The second video is all the Printed Fabric we offer.


This pillow is designed to relieve the pressure placed on your breast after a cancer related surgery. 

Pillow can be make with any of the fabric listed.

Wash cold, dry low


Pillow pattern by YouTuber Laura of Sew Very Easy.


Update:  This pillow is also very helpful to use during and for a time after radition.  More so if you end up getting burnt.  Please note:  It isn't the doctor, nurse, or tech's fault if you end up burnt from the radition.  Some patients are just more likely to be burnt like I was.  You end up sore and this pillow helps quite a bit.


Breast Cancer Post Surgery Pillow

Watch Video 1 - Solid Fabric Choices
Watch Video 2 - Printed Fabric
  • If you will be having breast cancer surgery, or you already had it within 30 days.  Please email us to find out if you qualify for a free pillow with free shipping on this item.