Images and Saying

  The link below has Millions of images that are free to use.   Unless     there is a watermark ( a faint name on the image )  Just use the search   to find what your looking for.  ex: waterfall, sunrise, oceans...

  The link below is 30 Quotes on Fighting cancer.  They are free to


  You can also look up free public domain.... ( images, cancer   saying, inspirational sayings, love, children etc...  I've added some   Images and saying, and some just images below as well to give you   some  ideas.  I'll add more as I find them.

 You can also use your own pictures you have personnel taken and     add  your own saying.  If you want to use a school picture you will   need to get permission from the photographer.  

Below is a button to choose a file. This button will enable you to not only upload a saying or image from our page but an image of your own as well. ex: family photo, scenery, saying..

When you find the photo you would like please right click the image and click save image. Then click the choose file button below and select the image you would like to use. 


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