My name is Gale Hillbery.  As some of you may 

know I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February 2019.  I had surgery in March to remove the cancer.  The night before my surgery I saw a video on YouTube for this pillow by Laura C. of SewVeryEasy.  After my surgery I was uncomfortable.  My son Tom and his friend Ward ( my other son if you will ) were visiting and I asked if they could make something if I tell them how.  So while I watched and told them how the pillow was made.  This greatly relieved the pressure of my arm against my breast.  At a doctors visit my surgeon asked what the pillow was for.  I explained what it was and how it made the incision less painful.  He had never seen or heard of these pillow before and he really liked them.  I decided as a way to pay it forward I would make some of these pillows for my surgeon to have at this office to give to his patients.   A few days later while I was making them my daughter stopped over and asked what was I making?  I told her and she fell in love with the idea, quickly she started helping me.  We donated 24 pillows to my surgeon who shared them with his colleague and sent some to the Breast Center in town.  They all loved the pillows and what it was used for.  With the help of my daughter Darlene we decided to make a business out of it.  We have several idea that will be added as we build our business, so please return often.  If you have a suggestion for an item you think would help any cancer patient, or chemo patient drop me a email and let me know.  

   I'm a 1 yr. Cancer Survivor!!