All donations made to our site will be used to provide a free Breast Cancer Pillow to a patient who is about to or has recently had surgery. We Thank You in advance for your contribution to our mission. We truly appreciate your support in showing Breast Cancer Patients past, present, and future our love.

  We also except 100% cotton fabric ( must be at lease a quarter of a yard or 

more, quilting supplies, ( rulers, rotor blades 45 mm,  and polyfill ).   The

value of the item/items will be calculated into a dollar amount.  That dollar amount go towards making items for children with cancer.  

email me @


This is the item that based the whole idea of the business. This product is for breast cancer patients to help relieve the pressure placed on the breast by your arm after surgery.

Port Pillow Seat Belt Cover

This product is designed for cancer patients who have a port placed on the same side as their seat belt. This pillow has adjustable velcro to secure around the seat belt to cover your port to cushion it.

cancer care package

The package will come in 3 sizes. They will be made for men, women and, children. These will contain gifts to make chemo a little easier and a lot more fun.

Small & Large Care Package now available.

Medium Care Package will be coming soon

CHILDREN'S plush cubbie

This is a 12 inch sitting plush animal. Something easy for children to hold in their hands and that is soft to cuddle. This is a product for kids in the hospital who are chronically ill or undergoing cancer treatments.


This is a beautifully crafted cover that is designed to fit around a colostomy bag. This bag helps men, women, and children preserve their dignity while out in public or relaxing at home.


The Torso


 The Torso Pillow is sewn with french seams to give extra strength.  This pillow is for any surgery done in the torso area.  Such as Colon cancer, gallbladder, hysterectomy, C section, Open Heart, etc..  When in pain or need to couch holding the pillow over your incision will help lesson the pain a bit.

bone pillow

This pillow is designed for multiple purposes. The Bone Pillow can be used as a neck pillow or used to elevate limbs. The Bone Pillow can be made with a single or multiple colors. 

coffee/tea mug

   A beautiful white ceramic   mug in 11 oz or 15 oz.

  Each mug has an beautiful       image with a positive       message.  








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This pillow is designed to be sat on.   Sitting with the opening in the back for those who have Anal, Rectal Cancer, or hemorrhoids.  Put the opening in the front and this will help those who have Gynecological Cancer such as Cervical, Vaginal, or Vulva Cancer.

This pillow help to keep your bottom up about an inch to inch and a half so your not sitting on a sore bottom.

The inner pillow has a vinyl lining so it can be wiped clean. The outer cover has a zipper and can be machine washed in cold water dry on low temp.  Extra covers will be added soon.

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